Tradewinds FIT years

Photograph and articles of the Tradewinds Hotel from the FIT
university archives.   The Tradewinds Hotel (originally Hotel Indialantic)
opened in 1926. Guests such as the Charles Lindbergh, Jack Benny, and Werner von Braun found the hotel a "flash of Castillian fineness" on the "mosquito coast."

The Indialantic Heritage Committee thanks Gordon Patterson
Professor of History Florida Institute of Technology  for the information and articles on this page.

- 1970

The Tradewinds Hotel acquired as a dormitory for Florida Tech in 1969. The school’s enrollment
 was expected to be 1,200 full time students. The Tradewinds would provide housing for 128 students.

 The plan was to lease the hotel for 1 year with an option to purchase the building.



The Private Club Stalemate



The Tradewinds Doomed


 Hotel Indialantic, once the pride of the 1920 has a "New" life.



The Tradewinds Deal Closer



The Tradewinds ERA Ends