Visit to the Tradewinds

1931 one penny post card

94 Tuesday

Melbourne like most every other boom town in Florida, has had a big hotel wished on it; Most of the towns a tough time trying to live up to their hotels and Melbourne is just another town along the coast. We concluded that finances do not warrant more than a fleeting glance at this emporium and I felt it our duty to prance right along to where we were going which to the best of knowledge at this particular time was New Smyrna. So we beat it.


Hotel Office New Haven

Hotel Indialantic office on the corner of Washington and New Haven avenues July 4, 1925

Causeway across Indian River 1 7/8 miles long to Indialantic 1925

Hotel Indialantic under construction

July 4,1925

Street facade with posed pedestrians, main entrance and loggia (three-story Mediterranean Revival with tile roof tower and canvas awnings)

March 23, 1926

11 Avenue Main entrance

Street facade with main entrance and arched loggia (three-story Mediterranean Revival with tile roof, tower, and canvas awnings) as viewed across grounds March 23, 1926

Interior lobby furnished with cushioned wicker March 23, 1926

Entrance with lampposts and architectural detail around doorway, stucco exterior March 23, 1926

Loggia writing room with ceiling drapery and flagstone floor, furnished with tables, wicker chairs, and piano. March 23, 1926

Lobby detail showing fireplace and cushioned wicker furniture

March 23, 1926

Interior with staircase and urn as planter; fern in additional central planter with classical motifs March 23, 1926

Sunlit sun parlor with varied wicker furnishings and drapery-hung windows March 23, 1926

Furnished guestroom with two single beds, dresser, chest of drawers and bench with draperies on window March 23, 1926

Tennis courts March 23,1926

Golf trio on putting green behind Indialantic Hotel, with view of rear facade March 23, 1926

Back veranda and patio with outdoor furniture March 23, 1926

Cloister patio through archway March 23, 1926

Tennis Courts